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For a perfect and serious workout, why not attempt to a few dissimilar sizes to help you workout each muscle group to the superb and best of your ability. Weight training is hands down the most successful way to tone as well bulk up, and this is the adjustable dumbbell set to assist you to achieve it.

To get gym type and same quality exercise equipment for your house, and enjoy the advantages of figuring out with the best of the best, Yes4All adjustable dumbbells have the item for you. This adjustable dumbbell set of adjustable dumbbells permits the user to cater their personal exercise and workout plan to fit their fitness goals, with an easy, comfortable and reliable dumbbell product. Have a deep look at this yes4all adjustable dumbbells review to get the full detail about this item.

Features of the product:

Yes4All adjustable dumbbell has been long thought of a leader in home gym fitness equipment, and their adjustable dumbbell set does not disappoint. These adjustable dumbbells feature sturdy, handy and solid chrome handles with a solid, sturdy textured surface which entails you can get a reliable and comfortable grip every time.

Textured Handles: The most crucial thing to remember about adjustable dumbbells is that you’re actually lifting the dumbbells with your hands. If you don’t have a right grip on the handle of your item, there is a good opportunity that you could drop the weights plates and injure someone or yourself around one.

This is why the Yes4All adjustable dumbbells are designed with excellent chrome plated handles that are etched. This permits users to acquire a firmer and more comfortable and easy grip on the handle, cutting down the risk of you dropping your dumbbell.

Versatility: How convenient and suitable would it be to own a set of dumbbell that is well-suited to the traditional weight bar. This will reduce the down for owning 2 sets of weights, which won’t only hold your home gym neat as well tidy but will assist you to save money. The hole in the weight-plate is approximately 1 to 1/4” in diameter.

Easily Adjustable: It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert when using these adjustable dumbbells because you have the option of adding and removing as much weight, as you wish. The best matter about this entire process is that it can be completed in a matter of seconds. If you wish to add more weight, just pull out your weight-plates, and then remove the collar from the handle, after that add the weights, and rethread the collar for a safe and secure fit.

Easy Assembly: Most workout and exercise equipment can be difficult s good time also consuming when it concerns the assembly process, but that isn’t the case with the Yes4All Dumbbells. The product will reach you in two different boxes, with each box consists of 1 set of 105-pound weights, 2-handles, and 2 collars.

All you’ve to do is simply open the boxes, and after that, the set is ready to assemble. It’s as easy as picking the amount of weights plates you is to add, sliding them into the handle, and after that twisting on the collar. No specialized and experienced tools, knowledge, experiences, or instructions will be needed to assemble this item.

Excellent Durability: When it concerns the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells, you can simply rest easy at night, perceptive that you purchased a good quality adjustable dumbbell. Along with the chrome plated handles, this adjustable dumbbell is constructed of durable and sturdy cast iron.

The cast iron is covered with a semi-gloss finish, which assists prevent rust due to sweat as well condensation. If you’ve used dumbbells in your past timer, you probably know that rust can be a big problem, but that is something you’ll never have to concern about with this item.

The collars and handles are also threaded to assure a secure fit. With this excellent feature, you never have to concern about the weights plate falling off when you’re lifting, especially above your head.

Dumbbell Weight Plate Sizes:

40lbs set: 2x Handle, 4x Collar, 4x5lbs plates, 4x3lbs plates

50lbs set: 1x Handle, 2x Collar, 4x3lbs plates, 4×7.5lbs plates

52.5lbs set: 1x Handle, 2x Collar, 8x5lbs plates, 2×2.5lbs plates, 2×1.25lbs plates

60lbs set: 2x Handle, 4x Collar, 4x5lbs plates, 4x8lbs plates

105lbs set: 2x Handle, 4x Collar, 16x 5lbs plates, 4×2.5lbs plates, 4×1.25lbs plates

200 lbs set: 2x Handle, 4x Collar, 16x10lbs plates, 4x5lbs plates, 4×2.5lbs plates

Mentionable features at a glance:

One 16”X1.15” Handle, Eight 5 Pound Plates, Two 2.5 Pound Plates, Two 1.25 Pound Plates, Two Collars

Take seconds to assemble and take out. Compact, convenient, simple and easy to use and store

Accommodate all standard 1.15-inch handles.

14-inch diamond knurled chrome handle

Star-lock collars with loose-resistant rubber trims

  • Best Price
  • Cheap and looks decent
  • Adjustable and Easy to adjust
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Function As Intended
  • Can buy or attach more plates
  • Seals tight and excellent customer service
  • It takes a little bit to take the weights on and off.


1.Q: Can I buy extra weights to load more weight onto these adjustable dumbbells?

A: Yes, but make sure they have a big enough hole to fit onto your product.

2.Q: Will the plate weights wobble around when you’re using these adjustable dumbbells?

A: Not at all. The threaded collars will make the weights fit on the handles.

3.Question: so do they each come in a pair?

Answer: Yes they are.

4.Question: 8 plates fit on each bar? 4 each side? Is it?

Answer: Yes. You are right.

5.Question: Do these have a very strong smell?

Answer: When you first open them, they have a noticeable smell. But it not a big issue at all.

6.Question: Is this item perfect for girls?

Answer: a Good high quality set for anyone.

Final verdict:

Hope you know all about these dumbbell set by reading this yes4all adjustable dumbbells review. We have tried to put together all information at a glance.

The Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell Set is the ideal addition to your home gym. With the ability and performance to adjust the weight sizes perfectly, they are excellent for beginners as well for professionals alike. Changing the weights could not be easier, and they feel sturdy and durable enough to stick around for any exercise and workout.

Overall, when you consider the price of these dumbbells and the versatility you can get from simply one set, the Yes4All adjustable Dumbbell Set is an excellent value for money. If you are searching for a quality dumbbell but do not wish to break the bank, then this product might be the big solution for you. Happy shopping!

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