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If you’re looking for setting up your home gym, then one of the most crucial components will be your weights. Nowadays fitness is an important issue for us. Because we believe that, Health is wealth. Is not it?  So dumbbells are popular for our physical fitness. Reebok’s Hex Dumbbells are premium and club-quality weights that are built to last.

Hex dumbbells are fixed-weight dumbbell for using home and commercial gyms. Reebok Hex Dumbbells comes with different structures and designs. This type of dumbbells is made of cast iron usually. Overall the item provides modern, up to date as well recent technology.

Reebok’s Hex Dumbbells are premium weights that are built to last. They feature easy-to-grip, contoured handles, rubber encased heads to prevent damage to floors, and a vibrant color scheme to identify weights easily.

Product features of Reebok Rubber Hex Dumbbells:

If you’re looking for top recommended Reebok Rubber Hex Dumbbell, then Reebok Rubber Hex Dumbbell is our suggestion. Have a look at the review of this product and see what excellent features you are going to get.

Weight:  This item is available in several weights; you can find out a couple based on what you wish to use them for. Lighter dumbbells are excellent for those of us who wish to add a bit weight to their aerobic action or to take on their power walks, while bigger or heavier weights are much better for those looking for seriously sculpt as well define through carefully controlled reps. Rubber Hex Dumbbells sold individually, and the item is available in 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25-Pounds.

Scratch fact and Sliding fact: Rubber Hex Dumbbells will not scratch your floor like another normal and regular hex dumbbell. A rubber Hex dumbbell comes with six sides instead of round. So Sliding isn’t to occur owing to its hexagonal shape. The hex shape of this item means that you can set the item down and they will not roll away.

Different sizes and colors: The item has nine coordinate colors along with sizes so that you will get the choice option. These are black pink (2 lbs), orange (5 pounds) and purple (3 kg). There are also of lime green off (8 pounds), charcoal (20 lbs), navy blue of (12 Kg), medium gray (15 lbs), the blue spark of (10 lbs) and black (25 pounds).

Comfortable for palm: Rubber Hex dumbbell comes with the better look than other dumbbells. When we contain the Reebok rubber hex dumbbell during training or exercise period, it is comfortable and easy for you because of the rubber layer.

Heat fact: Rubber Hex dumbbells do not like heat. Heat can be a cause for the rubber to expand as well crack, which is a major issue if you teach outside. But if you train and teach inside, heat isn’t a significant problem.

Mentionable Features at a glance:

Product Dimensions comes with 10.7×4.2×3.6 inches

Shipping Weight is 10.6 pounds

Premium grade durability

Rubber heads prevent damage to floors

Easy to grip contour handles for comfort and safety

Features color scheme to simply identify weight

Available in 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25-Pounds

  • Compact and lightweight
  • View larger and Premium-Grade Durability.
  • Many Sizes Available
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Good looking
  • Expensive

Important FAQ what you should look at:

1.Question: Does the item come with two or do I’ve to alter the quantity to 2?

Answer: You got to buy two.

2.Question: What is rubber encased of this item? Are they cast-iron under the rubber?

Answer: Cast iron.

3.Question: What is the typical width of the 5-lb handle only?

Answer: The width of the handle is 5 1/8″ all the weights have the same width of handles.

4.Question: Available for shipping to grab and grow lower?

Answer: Yes

Final verdict…

If you are searching for the best Fitness Dumbbells then, the Reebok Hex Dumbbell is our recommendation for you. This Rubber Hex Dumbbell is one of best selling item in Fitness Dumbbells Category.

This dumbbell is very useable, functional with its various color scheme as well weight markers pointing the weight sizes for easy and quick identification. With many famous weight sizes available anybody can cater a fitness routine to their liking with this premium grade quality dumbbells.

As we said before, the price of this item is high a bit. Regardless of the price issues of this item, we would suggest Reebok Hex Dumbbells to anybody; whether they just wish couples to assist them to tone their arms while doing other types of exercises, or for the hardcore enthusiast. Leave a comment if you’ve any question. Stay healthy and be happy always. Happy Shopping!

*************Where to Find the Reebok Rubber Hex Dumbbell?*****************

Amazon is the best place to go for the Reebok Rubber Hex Dumbbell. You will get the perfect and best prices on the market and also the opportunity to purchase any one of the 24 dissimilar weights with just a few clicks.

Leave your comments below and happy shopping!

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