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/5 on October 24, 2016

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PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells have become one of the best ways to keep fit with a broad range of exercising options. Making stops now and again to change weight when training can be time-consuming and usually interrupts the training routine. It is where adjustable dumbbells come into play helping you alter the weight of the bells in a matter of seconds.

The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells is one of the best adjustable dumbbells in the market right now. The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are an excellent product that allows users to change the entire wall of the dumbbells in a matter of seconds. They are an ideal choice for any person looking to keep fit from the comfort of their homes.

The Power Block are among the best dumbbell set in the market right now with features that make exercising at home appear much easier.

Product Main Features of PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells:

Replaces up to six pairs of dumbbells

The dumbbell comes with six additional increments of 5.lbs set to ensure you get to test your muscles with a different set of weight. This feature makes the dumbbells quite versatile and an excellent choice for people in different categories of fitness. The dumbbells can adjust weight as little as five pounds to 90 kg.

Compact design

The design of the Elite Dumbbells is very compact making it easy for individuals to hold them up. They are very stable with flat ends that make it easy for you to rest your thighs and kick into position.

The durable mechanism for high balance.

The dumbbells are made out of string materials making them quite durable. They are the best dumbbells in the market with excellent balance, design, and durability.

Compatible with gym and bar accessories.

The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells can easily be used at home, or at the gym with ease. They are consistent with several gym and bar accessories.

Product Specifications

Adjusts 5-90 pounds.

50 sets from 50 lbs. per hand.


The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are very sturdy making them the best dumbbells for home. The rapid adjustment is a top priority if you are looking to save time. You take 2-5 seconds to change weight which is quite incredible.

The PowerBlock utilizes a self-storage where they dumbbells handle their weight and easily fit into each other. They save on storage with extra space to save individuals weight plates.

Some of the heaviest models expand to 125, 130 and 175.lbs which are quite incredible. It is an advantage as you will be able to lift more weight and will require heavier models.

The sturdy construction and compact design is another advantage with these dumbbells. They are easy to handle with an excellent grip.

The ten years to 15 years and Lifetime warranties is another reason to buy the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells. The dumbbells accompany with accessories like the kettlebell handle that allows you to transform the weight of the kettlebell.


The PowerBlock does have some cons that you must be aware of before making the important decision of ordering for one. They are relatively expensive especially the heavier models. They also don’t come with a standard PowerBlock stand like the Ironmasters dumbbells. However, their overall good quality still makes them the preferred choice.

Price Comparison

The PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells is an excellent choice for individuals looking keep fit. The Ironmasters dumbbell is another different brand that you might consider if looking for a cheaper option. The price ranges between these two brands are quite different. You might have to pay almost twice for the PowerBlock dumbbells, but then the quality is exceptional.

Where to buy:

Amazon is one of the best places to buy dumbbells without going through any hassle. Make sure you order one today and experience the joy of keeping fit from the comfort of your home.

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