Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock Review– Why We Love These Adjustable Dumbbells?

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When buying a dumbbell set for your gym, you wish versatility and many options. You also do not want something that will save your space when it is not in use. That’s where Ironmaster’s Dumbbell system comes in.

The Ironmaster 7 lb Quick-Lock Dumbbell System comes with one of the most versatile options for the home user or who has a home gym. If you are searching for a pair of compact and versatile adjustable dumbbells for your use, this adjustable dumbbell can give you a solid option for all types of need. Thus, you’ll be able to maximize your fittingness level with the highest capacity of 75lbs. Moreover, the adjustment of this product will be made easy to make, and you will be able to ensure the weights with two locking screws for each weight of this item.

Technical Details and Specifications of Ironmaster 7 lb Quick-Lock Dumbbell System:

Dimensions comes with 14.5L x 6.5W x 6.5H inches (36.8L x 16.5W x 16.5H cm)

Weight range is 5 to 75 lbs (2.26 to 34 kg) each

Weight increments comes with 2.5, 5.0, 10 lbs (1.13, 2.26, 4.53 kg)

Accessories come with this item is Storage stand, workout poster

What’s included with this Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell:

2 handles, they weigh 5lbs each

Each handle holds 65 lbs

4 locking screws

28 plates, 4 plates weigh 2.5 lbs each, 24 plates weigh 5 lbs each

Stand at no extra charge

 Features of the product:

This item is offering up to 75 lbs. Of weight resistance, the Quick Lock is perfect for home workouts enthusiasts who are searching for a space-saving, lightweight, compact, high-quality adjustable dumbbell option that also delivers plenty of professional features. Follow this ironmaster dumbbells review and discover here is why you should check out the Ironmaster system for your next dumbbell purchase:

 Performance: You will be able to figure out your chest and back, jointly your biceps and triceps. Even more, the adjustable dumbbells are an excellent solution for shoulder exercises. They’ll also work as one of the advocated options for an altered number of leg exercises or workouts such as lunges. You’ll also be able to grow your traps with particular exercises like as shrugs. There are multiple workouts you can execute for each muscle group as well this entails that you’ll be in the lucky position where you can truly pick the best solution for your requirements.

Design: The dumbbells come with an excellent and simple design which is also provided towards easy storage. Thus, the square design of the weights of this item will make them simple and so much easy to store in multiple locations around your house. Furthermore, the design of these adjustable dumbbells will discontinue them from rolling on the floor, and this can represent an excellent solution to remove all kinds of accidents.

The Ironmaster 75lb Quick-Lock Dumbbell System thus represents a recommended solution for the home users. The dumbbells can be an excellent first acquisition as well this entails they will work for a big number of situations where this product would be hard to perform with traditional type dumbbells alternatives as well.

Ironmaster quick lock Dumbbell system durability: Unlike many of its dumbbell competitors, the Quick Lock truly looks and feels like a traditionally adjustable dumbbell you would detect in any professional gym or any home gym. The product handle like traditional type dumbbells when you’re exercising, giving this item quite an edge over comparable offerings available today.

Weight Expansion Up to 165 lbs: Few stretchy weight systems can contend with the versatility of extension that Ironmaster’s Quick Lock offers. Capping at 165lbs is only matched by Spinlock brand dumbbell handles, and they need the use of little bit taller plates, which appreciably limits the number of workouts that can be executed safely.

Security: Once you lock the weights of this product in place, they stay in place perfectly. No rattle, no loosening, and no shaking. Rapid swinging motions or Explosive use won’t cause troubles, and thus you can make your workouts with peace of mind instead of continuously waiting for a plate to come flying off the handle.

Mentionable features at a glance:

Quick Lock design of this item adjusts from 5 to75lbs in 2 1/2lb increments in just seconds

It features super heavy duty construction with welded steel, chrome plated handles

This system comes with 2 dumbbells at 75lbs each, Stand as well Exercise Poster comes with for free

Super space-efficient design and it Takes up less than 2 square feet

It provides a limited lifetime warranty

  • Secure Quick-Lock system
  • Knurled steel grips on handles
  • Adjustment knobs
  • Plates compatible with standard bars
  • Made in the USA and Includes storage stand
  • Unique locking screws and Easy to store
  • Some of the users complained that this item is not for hardwood floors.


1.Question: Where are these dumbbells made?

Answer: made in the USA

2.Question: Can I purchase just the dumbbells without the stand?

Answer:  You won’t be able to buy without the stand. The stand is included with this item.

3.Question: Can you effectively and safely do goblet squats with these?

Answer: yes I am. They are just perfect for holding in this way.

4.Question: how much do dumbbell handles weigh?

Answer: 10 lb

Exercise Options: (combining The Ironmaster Bench)

With a wide range of weight options available, it is crucial to find the best quality weights bench that comes with a high enough weight capacity.

Luckily, Ironmaster formulated their popular ‘Super Bench’, which has been planned with stability, versatility, and strength in mind.

As well as being capable of supporting up to 1000lb of weight (600lb in incline as well upright positions), you can also rapidly adjust the bench through a diversity of angles.

If you wish to add some additional exercises for your back, shoulders or triceps, you can even pick from a host of extra attachments. These contain a chin-up bar, foam rollers to help with sit-ups, as well even a set of parallel dip bars.

Exercise choices (when consolidated with an adjustable weights bench):

Chest – Dumbbell bench press, incline flies, incline press

Biceps – Dumbbell curl, hammer curl, incline curls

Back – Dumbbell rows, pullovers, deadlifts

Shoulders – Side lateral raises, front raises, seated dumbbell shoulder press, shrugs

Quads – Lunges, dumbbell squats, elevated single leg squats

Hamstrings – Stiff legged deadlifts

Triceps – Kickbacks, overhead dumbbell extensions, lying triceps extensions

Why purchase dumbbells made by Ironmaster?

As a company differentiating in innovative strength training equipment, Ironmaster has built-up a reputation amongst customers for high-quality fitness products.

For more than 35 years their unique designs and exceptional service have become 2 of the main grounds why their fitness equipment attracts so many extremely rated reviews on Amazon.

Final verdict:

Hope this ironmaster dumbbells review was a helpful one for you. Ironmaster 7 lb Quick-Lock Dumbbell System is one of the best adjustable dumbbells around there is no doubt about that. When we compared Ironmaster dumbbells to other dumbbells, Ironmaster 7 lb Quick-Lock Dumbbell System was the only one that every part of it was made from 100 percent steel.

If you’re looking for dumbbells especially adjustable dumbbells that will not break even if you drop this item countless times, then Ironman ironmaster dumbbells are worth the investment. If you do not mind replacing your adjustable dumbbells now and then, then Ironmaster dumbbell is not for you. Just grave this superb dumbbell right now. Happy shopping!

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