How to Alleviate Workout Pain in Your Feet

Workout Pain in Your Feet

Many people take their healthy feet for granted – that is until their feet get injured during a workout. Instead of waiting until you hurt your feet to take foot protection seriously, start today by making sure your feet are safe at the gym. Read on for four tips for alleviating workout pain in your feet before your next workout.

Stretch Your Feet

Many people are surprised to learn that feet need to be stretched just as much as their other body parts. With a simple stretch like rolling a tennis ball under your feet, you’ll be able to relieve foot tension and any symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Focus on performing foot-specific exercises to strengthen your feet. By working out your feet and stretching them before and afterward, you’ll be able to help prevent an injury.

Wear the Right Shoes

Too often, people wear any closed-toe shoe to the gym. While this may be better than wearing sandals to the gym, failing to wear a shoe that’s tailor-made for the type of workouts you do is another way to cause pain and potentially injure your feet. With the wrong shoes, you’ll be walking the fast track to arch spasms, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and heel spurs. The best shoes for you to wear will protect your feet while providing adequate support. As you search for footwear, keep in mind the specific exercises that are part of your routine so you can choose accordingly.

Visit a Podiatrist

Going to a podiatrist preemptively is one of the best ways to prevent any foot related injuries and to treat foot pain. Podiatrists treat and study injuries and conditions relating to feet, the lower leg, and ankles. If you work out frequently and are curious about the health of your feet, a podiatrist will be able to give you a checkup. Similarly, you should consult with a podiatrist as soon as possible if you are feeling any abnormal sensations in your ankles or feet.

Rest Your Feet during Exercises

It’s common to want to keep going at the same level of intensity throughout your workout. However, it is important to rest your feet between high-impact exercises. Your regular exercises should be balanced with your foot-specific and foot recovery exercises.
Don’t leave the health of your feet to chance. Follow these four tips to keep your feet pain-free as you work out.

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