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When looking for the best and new set of dumbbells, the most crucial thing is to make some inquiry as well research about its specification and feature. Another most crucial factor in specification and feature is the customer reviews that people give for the particular product after using the product because from them only you will know how that item really works as well feels.

This Giantex adjustable dumbbell will execute your all requirements of receiving a pair of adjustable dumbbells for a gym because Giantex dumbbells come with g features and also they are so much affordable.

Brand new gym equipment by Giantex will supply an excellent addition in your gym or home. As these set of adjustable dumbbells will hold your body fitness perfectly and will compose you capable of performing a variety of desired exercises, to begin with. Like, Arms, chest, back as well leg. Also, it’ll prevent the requirement of going to the professional gym, therefore saving your time as well money respectively.

Read this Giantex 66 LB Weight Dumbbell set to discover its specification and how this set can be the best companion of yours.

Specifications of Giantex 66 LB Weight Dumbbell set:

Material: Cast Iron (Plates) and Steel(Rod)

Size Of The Bar: 17 inch (L) X 1 inch(Dia)

Weights: 4x 1.5KG (3.3 Lb) Plates, 8 X 2.5 KG(5.5Lb) Plates

Package Includes: 2X Tubular Rod, 4x 1.5KG (3.3 Lb) Plates, 8 X 2.5 KG(5.5Lb) Plates, 4 Buckles

Features of the product:

Giantex 66 LB Dumbbells are made of superiority Cast iron which gets a black paint finish. Therefore, there is no pick of rusting in these adjustable dumbbells because the paint of these dumbbells is of tremendously high quality.  In one set of Giantex 66LB Adjustable Dumbbells, you’ll be provided with two sixty-six pounds of dumbbells having four plates of 1.5 kilograms, 8 plates of 2.5 KG, with 2 firm rods and 4 buckles. The weight limit should be considered first before the weight-plate range as there is not any dial type adjustment system present in these set of dumbbells.

Excellent handle:

The Handles and Collars are etched very properly for a secure and firm grip. The material of plates used is durable cast Iron, and they won’t break easily. Cast Iron will be able to handle normal gym mistreatment and can withstand any kinds of accidental drops or falls with only giving some scratches. The spin collar-lock on each dumbbell ensures the metal plates really good by minimizing the effect of wobble during a workout.


The Giantex 66LB Adjustable Dumbbells have established to last longer because each part of these dumbbells is constructed with excellent focus has well and stiffness which evidently tells that these adjustable dumbbells can withstand regular gym and home gym abuse. With excellent quality, these adjustable dumbbells are also very budgeting friendly.  Giantex 66LB Dumbbells can be purchased with a low as well reasonable price. We highly recommended for beginners seekers who are searching some = durable and affordable set of equipment to kick starter there workout.

Perfect for a home gym:

Giantex 66LB Adjustable Dumbbells are ideal dumbbells for your home gym because you can do dozens of workout with varying weights plates without taking up lots of storage space. Anybody who loves fitness does not have right equipment and space at home to buy dozens of different sort of dumbbells.

Convenient and easy to store:

Giantex 66LB Adjustable Dumbbells are small, convenient as well easy to store affording a wide range of workouts and exercises with varieties range of weights too.

Mentionable features at a glance:

Varying weights fits for all kinds of exercise training session. Threaded ends with star lock collars of these dumbbells supply a safe, secure workout and easy weight plate changes

This dumbbell set features ergonomic grips

Constructed of comfortable, relaxed and easy handles, textured chrome handle for a firm as well as secure and non-slip grip, assist prevent your palms from shredding.

Made of high class cast iron, Long-lasting cast iron plates of the set have a semi-gloss finish, quality engineered, premium grade and built to last.

This set is safe to become an important part of your exercise routine for its weight variations as well possible combinations. And it is easy to set and no tools and extra tools required.

Black rubber cased coating increases durability, strength, protects flooring, develops appearance, is simple to clean s well reduces noise.

What we like:

Brand new and high quality

Suitable for basic toning and strength exercises

Made of high quality cast iron

Varying weights fits

Weight set part of a simple

What we dislike:

Price should be less a bit

Overall design needs improvement


Question: If I purchase two pairs, what is the weight limit I can apply one dumbbell?

Answer: We wouldn’t suggest going over 50 lbs

Question: What are the discs made of?

Answer: Fully metal

Question: How long in inches is the threaded part?

Answer: It’s about 5 inches

Question: This comes in with 2 adjustable dumbbells right?

Answer: yes, it comes with two dumbbells, and it is worth the money!

Question: Does each of this dumbbells weight 66lb or is it the total combined for 2?

Answer: Combined

Question: Does it come with any case to store them?

Answer: No case

Final verdict:

Here we reach the last stage of today’s topic. Hope this review was a helpful one for you to get the information buy these dumbbells set.

In our opinion, Giantex 66LB Adjustable Dumbbells are one of the best dumbbells right now in the world. As the resistance of adjustable dumbbells concerning extraordinary features is on increase day by day but still now Giantex 66 LB adjustable dumbbells supplies great factors of cheapness, durability as well a vast variety of weight dumbbell set which makes them a necessary to be in your home as well as fitness gyms.

It is a pretty obvious thing if you’re getting a set of adjustable dumbbells which is putting up you super cool basic and important factors so there would be a lack of some special type features as well. If you are looking for the best dumbbells set than this item might be the best companion of yours. Happy shopping!

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