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Dumbbells can give you with a lot of health benefits as well they don’t even take up lots of space in the home. They could yet potentially save you the cost of a professional gym membership. However, to make a point you get the most out of your desired dumbbells, you’re going to require purchasing a good quality dumbbell set; otherwise, you’re just throwing your money out the window.

Cap Barbell RSWP 40 TP can be covered as an all in one dumbbells weight set as it permits you to bring the professional gym home. The 40 lb complete set contains a strong storage case built up with plastic, four 5 lb plates, four collars, four 2.5 lb plates and 2 handles.

The portable weights of these dumbbells are completely rust and maintenance free. The cast iron made plates have an excellent semi-gloss type finish as well. The collars of these dumbbells are also threaded to assure a comfortable and secure fit for all users. Definitely, this is a must have dumbbells set for mainly home users who love to take extra care of their physique.

Features of the product:

Sometimes we neglect, or we may miss a few days at the gym, life goes on. But that should not stop you from achieving your fitness goals. The CAP Barbell RSWB 40TP 40 lb. Dumbbell Set is one of the best; easiest to utilize weights set that we have research ever. The item is easily adjustable so that anybody can start off small as well work your way up. Have a look all the features you are going to get with this item.

More than Just Muscle: Lots of people turn to more advanced type exercise fitness machines because of the support as well safety mechanisms built up into them. While this dumbbell is perfectly justifiable and understandable, they are forgetting that one chief benefit to working with weights, especially dumbbells, is building balance as well coordination. With the wide range of movement possible with your dumbbells, you shall be capable of using different type muscles to keep your balance and fitness. Moreover, if you utilize simultaneous muscles with 2 dumbbells, your brain catches its kick-start as well as tells the rest of the body to be “on its toes”.

Carrying Case Included: These CAP 40-pound weight set efficiently organized as well easily accessible with the supplied carrying case. Made of heavy duty plastic, the sturdy and durable case features placeholders to assist you storing all the pieces perfectly, along with a protected closing lid and a carrying handle for convenient as well suitable portability so you can have your workout wherever you wish to go.

Semi-Gloss Finish Plates: In addition to being handily interchangeable, the cast iron plates of these dumbbells are durable and come with a semi-gloss finish for rust as well maintenance-free use and long-lasting good looks.

Variation and Flexibility:  Cap Barbell’s 40 Pound Dumbbell Set comes with an excellent range of weight plates for you to utilize when you are working on your upper as the well lower body. And equated to working with other type barbells, normally dumbbells allow more exercise and workout variations for dumbbells users of all levels.

No Bells and Whistles: This set comes with spinlock adjustable dumbbells. While there might be more expensive as well fancy pieces out in the market, Cap Barbell’s 40 Pound Dumbbell Set does what the dumbbells is supposed to do at a comparatively affordable price.

Professional Knurled Grips: Each steel metal barbell is knurled to assist ensure a steady and secure hold. Ideal for utilize with the bare sort of hands or weight working out gloves; either way, the knurling type pattern or form promotes stability, safety as well a more relaxed, contented fitness experience.

Bring the gym home: This item is perfect for beginners, intermediate as well advanced fitness lovers similar, the versatile and unique weight set supplies the necessary tools needed to make your custom-made routine with your favored amount of weight. These items work everything from your chest as well shoulders to your biceps with triceps.

Mentionable features at a glance:

Product Dimensions comes with 20 x 9 x 8 inches

Item weight is 40 pounds

Comes with 40-pound set includes 2 – handles, 4 – 2.5-pound plates, 4- 5-pound plates, 4 collars, and with a plastic storage case

This dumbbell set features ergonomic grips, rubber trims collars and comfort handles

Durable cast iron plates have a semi-gloss finish

Collars are threaded for a nice and secure fit to handles

Rust and maintenance-free item

  • Reasonable rice and diamond Grip Bar
  • The case for storage, Well-built, and durable product
  • Offers many options for home workout
  • Convenient and neat storage with case
  • Durable case that makes storage simple
  • Rubber ends on the Washers
  • Space for more weights purchased separately
  • Diesel Smell
  • Bars are slightly long if you only put 1 set of weights on it


1.Question: Are these 1-inch bars?

Answer: Yes they are.

2.Question: Do the dumbbell come with weights in the case?

Answer: Yes, everything you notice in the picture and Amazon website is included in the case.

3.Question: how long is each handle?

Answer: The handles are 15-18 inches long end to end.

4.Question: How does it smell?

Answer: Smells a bit at first as we said before but it will go away soon. Metal or chemical smell maybe not sure what it is. But we may assure you that this smell won’t be harmful to you.

5.Question: Are the end-cap screw things with this dumbbell made of metal?

Answer: Yes.

6.Question: Can these plates go on an Olympic bar?

Answer: No, We won’t suggest you that. This item is perfect for home use.

7.Question: What’s the width of these dumbbells? Can I fit a 1-inch plate onto them?

Answer: Yes these support 1-inch plates.

Final verdict:

We are in the last stage of today’s review. Hope this review was the one where you get a better idea of this item. The Cap Barbell 40-pound RSWP 40 TP might not be the perfect workout solution for you if you want to bear it for your Olympic game. But it is perfect for your home. If you’re ready to start working out, make your order as well and receive your Cap Barbell 40 pound RSWP-40 TP dumbbells within 2 days.

While dumbbells are by no means cheap, but these excellent dumbbells are a much cheaper and better option than purchasing individual dumbbells of varieties weights. Cap Barbell 40 pound RSWP-40 TP Can be the best solution for you. Buy this item right now! Happy shopping!

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