Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Review- A Massively Popular Choice for Fitness Lovers

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Adjustable dumbbell sets becoming progressively popular in recent days, and the Bayou Fitness dumbbells are positively worth considering for some causes. These adjustable dumbbells are an excellent overall addition for anybody who is assembling a home gym because they’re tired of spending lots of money departing to a traditionally adjustable dumbbell.

There are many kinds of adjustable dumbbell types to pick out from to suit your requirements. In our research to discover the best adjustable dumbbells, we would advocate we originate that selector pin style adjustable dumbbells present the most durability. You can alter the adjustable dumbbells weights out quickly as well easily so you can sum up your workout as well take up very minimal space. One of the biggest and widely used adjustable dumbbells for at home exercise enthusiasts are the Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell. Read the bayou fitness adjustable dumbbell review to get the details.

Features of the product:

The top-rated and customer loved exercise equipment is both compact and versatile. In point of fact, their adaptability is one of the things which make them one of the best adjustable dumbbells the market. But is that perfect to make them worth the price? Do the Bayou adjustable dumbbells deliver when it comes to exercise time or training?

Design: A bayou adjustable dumbbell comes with storage tray that you can utilize to rest them firmly when you aren’t using them. When you wish to switch weights with these adjustable dumbbells, all you’ve to do is just slide the metal locking-pin along with the central track. You can go from 10lbs. All the way up to 50lbs per dumbbell.

The position of the locking-pin eventually determines the number of weight plates of the dumbbells that remain on each adjustable dumbbell when you pick up it out of the storage tray. The part that is closest to the end of the adjustable dumbbell holds more plates.

Switching between each weight is very easy and simple, and you will not face any issues with doing so before.

Quick and Convenient: Instantly adjustable weight entails that power sets that ramp-up resistance dumbbell sets over time are a snap to finish, and you will not be flinging the dumbbells around while you work.

Slide the knob on the side to the weight you wish, and find out up the adjustable dumbbell from the included stand. That is all there is to it. Time-consuming weight alters during your exercise is now a thing of the past.

Attractive and Tidy: The included storage tray you will get with this item gives this set of dumbbells an aesthetically pleasing look that is also much practical. Better still, these adjustable dumbbells are very easy to pack as well store, entailing more space to work out and enjoy your routine wise and daily fitness routine in the privacy of your home.

Exceptional Portability: If you require taking your weights with you for training or travel, the included storage trays with your dumbbells make you’re traveling a snap. All you’ve to do is lock your dumbbells into the included stands, after that pick them up, and then haul them around to where they require being.

Durability: The fact that these adjustable dumbbells weights are chrome plated is a clear indicant as to just how durable and sturdy they are. You are going to get a sturdy and durable dumbbell, and surely you will be satisfied with this item.

Storage: While it is accurate that these dumbbells are maybe a bit larger than some of the other adjustable dumbbells on the market, they can assist you to save quite a little of space equated to purchasing individually adjustable dumbbell sets. If you’re planning on utilizing dumbbells in your home gym or workouts, these will not take up lots of room.

Adjustable from 10 to 50 pounds: The Bayou Fitness Dumbbells can lift from 10-50 pounds, making these dumbbells suitably versatile for a range of work out and exercise options. They can be used for P90 X or High Interval Training, or for lending a moderate strength exercise routine to your workout or exercise. With a max weight range of 50 pounds, these adjustable dumbbells should be enough for all but the most serious type weightlifters. Users new to strength exercising may wish to buy 2.5 and 5-pound dumbbells to being their fitness way, as beginning with 10-pounds is excessive.

5-pound adjustment increments: With 5-pound adjustment increments, these adjustable dumbbells meet the industry standard. While 2.5 adjustment increments are more beneficial, particularly for casual users, 5-pound increases should not overburden your muscles in a damaging way.

Chrome Plated Steel: The Bayou Fitness Dumbbells are made with durable and sturdy chrome plated steel, so they’ll not rust or be damaged anymore in the course of your exercises. You should never drop them or any dumbbells on the ground, but besides that, you’ll not discover any wear and tear on these adjustable dumbbells over the course of dumbbells lifetime.

Come in storage trays: Unlike some other adjustable dumbbells, the Bayou Fitness Dumbbells come with their docking stations, so you’ll not require paying additional to use them to their entire potential.

Mentionable features at a glance:

Product Dimensions comes with 18 x 15 x 10 inches

Item weight is 55 pounds

Two 25lb. adjustable dumbbells with storage trays

Features heavy duty chrome plated steel construction

This assist in eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells

Compact as well easy to use design saves space and time

Lift from 5-25 lbs

  • Durable and compact
  • Very sturdy and ideal for small workout spaces
  • Made of durable material
  • Affordable and Solid steel build
  • Adjustable weight settings
  • Innovative design
  • A few users reported that the storage rack sometimes sticks during your workouts.
  • The adjustable knob of this unit sometimes needs to have WD 40 added to avoid breaking off or sticking.


1.Question: Does this item come as one or the possibility of two dumbbells?

Answer: The listed charge is for 1 dumbbell.

2.Question: Is there any stand ready for these adjustable dumbbells?

Answer: There is no stand of the same brand.

3.Question: Is the storage tray sturdy enough?

Answer: Yes it is sturdy enough.

4. Question: How quick or easy are these to adjust the weight on?

Answer: Smooth, quick adjustment

Final verdict:

Hope this bayou fitness adjustable dumbbell review was helpful one to discover the features the item has.

Overall, we found the Bayou dumbbells to be a beautiful buy. These adjustable dumbbells come with an excellent design. These adjustable dumbbells only go up to 50lbs, so it is crucial to keep that in mind for those who may wish to go higher in the future. If you’re just beginning with weight lifting though, these adjustable dumbbells could be an excellent addition to your home gym as a whole.

For those who are truly looking for an excellent pair of adjustable dumbbells to assist them workout from the comfort of their home or apt, then the Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells are worth considering. They’ll save you time during your exercise as well as space. Moreover, they’re made of high quality durable and sturdy material which is important. Go for it.

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